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Do you prefer inking lineart on the computer (tablet/mouse) or with an actual pen (pigment/tachibana/ink/ballpoint etc)? Explain, if you want, why you prefer it that way. 

136 deviants said Actual Pens
100 deviants said Whatever floats my boat :3
60 deviants said Computer

Devious Comments

well actually the rison that i didnt submit anything is
1) i have no scanner
2)i mess thigs up when im on computers(takes advantege of undo btonns)lol
3)i have an ibm laptop so ihavt to work whith the stupid spot
(its nerve reking
Great Mizuti uses real pens, because she cannot do anything computer-based except type
I tend to use actual pens but I just downloaded paint shop pro 9, so no it will be whatever floats my boat.
angellynx Jul 12, 2005  Professional General Artist
i get easliy cofused when on computer so i draw in the wrong my scanner isnt good so it doesnt show up my light pencil markings
oddly enough most ppl like pens. i dunno. com's are more practical for me. i like pens, but they're a bit stressful. they give nice effects tho.
pettyartist Jul 11, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
My pigments or ballpoint. I feel I have more control over them. :D
But I will occasionally use my tablet to ink if that's what I feel like. Or if I'm lazy. :shrug:
I like using actual pens [sakura microns preferably]. I feel like I have more control when doing lineart, but sometimes there's just too much ink in the pen x_x; ... I'm not that well adjusted to my tablet. To me... the tablet doesn't have that good, homey feel that actual pens have ^^; ..
glitz Jul 10, 2005
I usually prefer to use micron or whatever other ink pens I have with me at the time, but I like to ink digitally at times too, because it's a much softer line and it's easier to not smudge or to keep the image black and white.. but I feel like I have more control over an actual pen, so I prefer those, even if I do make more mistakes with it than I'd like xD
FaluuVaud Jul 9, 2005  Student General Artist
Pens cause I don't have a tablet yet ;P
computer. i draw REALLY tiny that i can't ink it with actual pen. so i gotta scan, enlarge file, and mouse it. but using a mouse is stressful X_x
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