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Would you like to see more of my sketches on DA? And please comment what kind of sketches you prefer seeing (Fanart, Original, Quick Tutorial I don't care). 

78 deviants said Yes, I don't care what it is...
39 deviants said Yes, more originals
21 deviants said Yes, more fanarts
3 deviants said No, It lags my computer XD;;

Devious Comments

ahahaha, I voted "lags".... xDD no no but I really like your stuff T_T i stay away from da in GENERAL b/c it lags, so actually....... this is really pointless; please post very much in the future, even if it is quick sketch, and especially if it is oCevent file xD
i like seen both sketches and finished products ^^
cuz u can learn alot from looking at sketches, like how u start a pic, how to get basic proportions, etc
finished products r really kool to look at too XD
ooh, i want to see more of your sketches,. =D i like to see them! =)
ANYTHING would be nice.. if I got to see them more... :)
*Any* pics of you. :D It's always wonderful to see your new deviations. I'd like to see also your Z/L, though :blushes:
as long as you post something i dont mind :D
It's really nice to see someone with as much talent as you do sketches. they're good to learn from. it's also cool to see kinda what you're thinkin about and to see ideas before they're perfect. MORE!!!!!
you can draw what you want, i'm sure i'll like it ^^!~
P-the-wanderer Jan 8, 2005   General Artist
Sketches are something, that I love :heart: ^^
You need to post more period! =P
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