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At the Artist Alley, which do you prefer buying? 

226 deviants said huge posters
185 deviants said 11x17 prints
179 deviants said 8x11 prints
122 deviants said postcard

Devious Comments

Tsunami-Hatro-yuki Sep 8, 2010  Student Artist
11X17 or giant posters. If they are really good I might buy 8X11.
Bookmarks have to be laminated or nice paper.
Give me tabloid any day
Although it's great to have huge posters of art, and you get to see the detail of the artwork, I honestly prefer 8.5x11 prints. I have my own personal artbook that's a collection of prints I've art traded and/or purchased from artists from cons I attend. I don't have too much wall space to toss a bunch of posters up on, but I really enjoy flipping through my print book.

It's far too awkward to have a poster book. But I can see the appeal that each size provides, so I really appreciate artists that provide art in different sizes. Since I prefer the "smaller" standard print size, there are artists I don't end up buying from because they only sell posters. :\ (of course I doubt this hurts their sells as I'm sure there are like 3 people behind me that would LOVE to buy his/her posters)
GoCkillaz Jun 20, 2010  Student General Artist
I love postcards, mainly because they fit in my laptop case, and I travel a lot, and people are always interested as to what I'm up to. I'm HOPING that I can go to AX this year to get some. Will you be at AX?
I like large posters and prints but I'm really into buying commissions and from my experience, selling commissions along with your work usually attracts from sells.
lilAURONgirl Jun 20, 2010  Professional General Artist
I always go for giant posters.
i usually buy lots of little prints so i can get something from everyone that i like : D
I prefer useful things like bookmarks or key chains.
if its something that I really like that is.
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