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Out of these series, pick a print you will most likely buy. 

99 deviants said Final Fantasy VII
49 deviants said D.N.Angel
45 deviants said Fruits Basket
40 deviants said Death Note
30 deviants said Digimon
21 deviants said D.Gray-man
11 deviants said Gundam Seed

Devious Comments

As much as I love FFVII, and I mean I do love it, I've seen so much fanart of it I'm rather tired of it. No offense to anyone or anything. >>; But it isn't like driving me crazy or anything, and the hype has sort of gone down since everyone has pretty much watched Advent Children but me. o_O;
It was a toss-up between Digimon and FF VII, but in the end, Digimon won out.

It was my first love.
Death Note all the way :heart:
lol, what if we wanna vote for MORE than one? :P
o yea, I hope to see you at a table @ Fanime, coz you've already got a customer waiting here :P
D.N.Angel for me ^^ Especially if the print was Satoshi or Krad ^^
DNAngel art!!!
finni Feb 18, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Hmm... I'd say there's a lot to do with the final outcome of the piece too. XDD Any series that I -know- of but is awesomely beautiful pretty I will buy. XDD
gem2niki Feb 22, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
so true....i just gotta work hard to make it look pretty and interesting XD did you fill out the forms for seller permit?
finni Feb 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
omg I didn't 9___9;;; I'm trying to manage a schedule right now and I can't even find the time to go down there and get the stuff filled out. x___x;; I've tried to fill it out myself but the people on the Fanime boards suggest going down there and filling it out with the people there, so you can get it all correct and stuff.

I still need to email Fanime people about what to put for who is in charge of the con-part of the form.
AAAaaaaaaahHHhhhhhhhh XDD :heart:
gem2niki Feb 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist didn't seem like there was much to fill out when i filled mine. ^^ i also thought i missed some spots, but i still got my seller permit. only took a few minutes too to fill out. fer fanime stuff, you just need their address or something.
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