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Have you ever bought Prints from DA? 

100 deviants said I will one day...
95 deviants said Never
14 deviants said Yes, only once though
11 deviants said Yes, a few times

Devious Comments

Wish I could but... I've never bought anything on the internet before so I'm not so sure if I could ever...

Besides... I do not own a credit card... because I don't have any deposits. I do have one before but my mother took it away after the bad incidence at the ATM machine...

heh heh heh... funny,huh?
I wish I could... T_T
finni Dec 22, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I find it amusing that the mass majority of the peole say "I want to!!" or "I plan to!!" but more than likely never will. Blaaah.
XD I for one have purchased prints before, irl and off of dA, and I'm pretty damn happy with them. >_>;; But then again it was a while ago and maybe things weren't quite so screwed up with dA then...?
Ya all my presents comme from deviant this year... cause Im too lazy to go shopping, and I dont have time with my exams and shit, so I ordered prints.. and I think its original :) xx
Naoru Dec 20, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Im 16, dont have a credit card or paypal, and live in England...If shipping to England and internet shopping was easier in general, I would definatly buy some prints from various artists :(
a few times but my last purchase never arrived, and i didn't get a refund or anything, so i doubt i would ever buy from DA again.
I don't think I will again. The first one I tried to get screwed up somehow, so I never got it. (At least I got a prompt refund and response though.) The second one was processed and got quickly. But then I realized that artists are getting very little from these sales due to how the print accounts work. :/
I will one day... *sigh* When I'm 18 and have my own job (and money!), that is... *sigh* Five more years... ToT
*is poor* ;_;
gem2niki Dec 18, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
me so broke lol. *loves fanarts more too...*
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